Transition from Summer to Fall – Closet Style!

Before you jump into your fall wardrobe, give your closet the TLC it deserves.

Here are the best tips on how to stay above the season transition and come out with a beautiful closet to show for it.

1. Wash all of your summer clothes. Before you can even get started on reflecting what you really liked to wear over the summer, and what clothes can be pitched, you need them all to be clean and ready to store. Finding a dirty garment in a box 6 months later is not the ideal situation for anyone.
2. Sort through your pile with tough love. Be strong. If you really did not wear that shirt one time, then you won't wear it in the future. Taking out undesired clothing will allow for newer trends to fill the empty spots when the time is right. Toss the clothing in a garbage bag, and consider donating to the Salvation Army on S. State Street.
3. Find the proper way to store summer clothes. Designated bins or drawers can both work for storing your out of season apparel. Put all tops in one bin, and pants in another, and be sure to label them so when you can't find that go-to sweater you can at least narrow down the possible places it's hiding.
 4. Re-evaluate your fall clothing options. It's been 8 or so months since you packed up your fall closet, and your personal style might have changed. If you're not excited to see a long lost hoodie, then you probably are over the relationship.
5. Organize your closet by color and style. Keep all short sleeve shirts on one end of the closet in color coded order, then let the sleeve length get longer as you move to the other side. This helps when you're in a rush and know you need a dressy long sleeve shirt, now all you have to do is pick what color you want to wear and you're off.
6. Don't forget to do steps 1-5 with your shoes!