Veterans Day at 618 South Main

Our team at 618 South Main would like say thank you to the men and women who have dedicated their lives protecting our country.

Show your support for our veterans by donating your old cellphone to Cell Phones for Soldiers today. This amazing non-profit provides soldiers with free communication services, and has donated more than 300 million minutes of total talk time to date.

We’d especially like to thank our veteran residents. We are proud to have you in our community!

Happy (Almost) Halloween to All!

Boo — It’s the most spooktacular time of the year AND we want to make sure you and your four-legged friend are safe!

Here are some tips to ensure the safety of all:

1.     Hide the candy! ALL chocolate can be very dangerous and xyitol, an artificial sweetener, can be poisonous for animals too.
2.     Keep pumpkins (lit or not lit) out of reach! Nibbling on large pieces of pumpkins can cause stomach discomfort in pets and lit pumpkins can be easily knocked over and start fires.
3.     Check their costume! Make sure to only dress your four-legged friend in a costume that you know they’ll be comfortable and not stressed. If they don’t love it, let them don a festive bandanna instead.

Thanks for help with the tips PetMD and ASPCA.

Share a Halloween pic of your four-legged friend on our Facebook. Happy Halloween!

Michigan vs. Michigan State

Michigan vs. Michigan State – who will take home Paul Bunyan and the ultimate bragging rights for the year?

Take the quick walk to The Big House to cheer on your team – there is truly no place like it on a fall afternoon.

Go Green! Go Blue! Go White! Hail to the Victors!