Thank A Veteran Today!

The team at 618 South Main would like to take a moment and thank our veteran military men and women and all of those serving here and abroad. We would especially like to recognize the folks that work and train at the US Army Reserve 406. You might see these military folks when you are having breakfast at Benny’s. Did you know that we have over 650,000 veterans in Michigan? Do you know someone who served? Then call, text, stop and buy them a cup of coffee or simply say “thank you for your service.”

As Elizabeth Esty so eloquently stated, “Although we can never fully repay our veterans, on Veterans Day we thank our veterans for their selflessness and commit to do what we can do to improve the quality of life for our veterans and military families in communities across America.”

We would like to salute our Veteran residents, we are honored to have you here.